Services offered include:

  • Timberland Management and written management plans
  • Timber inventories/cruising and appraisals
  • Timber Sales by invitation for sealed bids
  • Timber marketing/custom logging by trained and certified logging contractors
  • Final harvests and thinnings
  • Site preparation for reforestation including aerial herbicide spraying, mechanical clearing and burning
  • Reforestation by hand planting pine or hardwood seedlings
  • Understory/fuel reduction burning by certified professionals
  • Dozer work in the form of fire lanes, roads, food plots
  • Boundary Line Maintenance
  • Food Plot Planting

Forests are very diverse and require a qualified forester to determine the best management approach for each individual forest stand. When implemented properly, timber harvesting activities can improve/maintain forest health, as well as improve game/non-game wildlife habitat. If your property is ready for some form of harvesting treatment, we can directly assist in timber sale preparation, wood products marketing, and oversee harvesting activities through their completion.